Friday, November 5, 2010

A Handy Purse Holder

I often find myself watching QVC when there isn't anything on tv. Ok, that's a lie; I watch QVC because it entertains me. Anyways, a while back I was watching and saw a piece on these purse holders. You use them to prop up your purse in restaurants or bathrooms so you don't have to place them on the floor. As I was watching, I couldn't help but think, "How unnecessary". That was until I found myself in a public bathroom wishing I had one of these "hold it high handbag hangers". 

I am without a doubt someone who hates a lot of the features in public restrooms. I totally avoid having to touch the door on my way out. I do an interesting elbow pushing maneuver to get out of actually touching the door. That reminds me of another thing. Why do fast food restaurants have such impossibly heavy doors on their trash cans? Since I was little I have always hateddd having to touch that flap door on the trash cans lol.

Other than my irritation with fast food restaurants and their trash cans, I have a horrible new obsession. My nails. I am constantly changing my nail color, and I can tell it's becoming damaging. I'm sure i'll have to start using olive oil or the Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream to prevent my nails from dieing lol. I just can't help it! One day I'm really into a moody black or navy, and the next day I'm wanting to paint my nails a soft pink. I guess i'll have to hide the nail polish remover! 
Here we have my Cheetah Print Blackberry Nails. It's where the thumb is a different color/design. If you have a blackberry phone/or a phone with a qwerty keyboard, you see the different design as you type!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall 2010 Trends

Fashion trends are always relevant, but it’s important to be comfortable with whatever pieces of clothing you choose to wear. Feeling trendy for fall 2010 is achievable whether you choose to wear one of the popular colors for this season, indulge in a camel coat, or slip into a pair of cargo skinny jeans. For a simple breakdown of the trends, make sure you watch to the end of the video with trendy outfit ideas.
Popular Colors: Olive Green, Camel, Deep Purple, Bright Red, Black!, Chocolate Brown

For Fall 2010, clothing manufacturers will move away from producing a lot of floral prints and concentrate more on textures and draping. That doesn't mean that floral print is out, but when you buy new pieces, try to focus more on textures. 
Textures include: Cut outs, mesh, lace and metallic that mimics sequins

Fashion trends have a way of recirculating every couple decades. This Fall, expect to pay homage to the 60s with longer hem lines on skirts. In addition, the messenger bag from the 40s and the clog shoe from the 70s are definitely back. Look out for inspiration from 90s grunge as well.

Trends: camel coats, military inspired anything, below the knee skirts, full-length jumpers/rompers, cut out/mesh clothing, fedora hats, leather and lace, messenger bags, tall wooden clogs, chunky sweaters, kitten heals, skinny cargo jeans, distressed jeans, red coats, pieces tailored like menswear, rare baggy pieces

Nail Polish Color Trends: While there are some brighter oranges and blues, for the most part think washed out and pastel shades of blue, purple and mint. Also look for gunmetal, olive green with glitter, and colors with serious gray undertones. OPI's new line captures the trends perfectly. 

Jewelry Themes/Trends: Statement pieces (especially necklaces), chains, antiqued gold/bronze, orchid/turquoise in addition to the colors listed above, 60s inspired headbands

I hope this list was comprehensive. On a whole, Fall 2010 can me described as moody, rich and subdued. However, the trends and pieces really are wearable. Thanks for reading!